Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas fashion: a guide for pregnant women

Dressing for the festive period is always tricky. When you’re pregnant, it is a minefield. Here are some top tips to see you through every seasonal occasion in style

Just because you’re shaped like a bauble, it doesn’t mean you have to look like one.
There are lots of exciting things about being pregnant. But maternity wear is certainly not one of them. Despite more fashion-forward brands than ever before, we mothers-to-be are still faced with a homogeneous sea of dark jersey and horrendous nana bras. And at no other time of year will those of us lugging a bump around feel the injustice of this more keenly than in the runup to Christmas. When the shops are awash with sparkly sequins, jewel colours and jolly jumpers, we’re left to forlornly nose through a couple of racks of black stretchy dresses and maternity jeans.
But I want to get something on record: it doesn’t have to be like this. At six months pregnant, I have found a way through the pain. Mix your maternity basics with a few well-chosen regular pieces (ie pieces that will actually remain in wardrobe rotation well after the baby arrives), and you’ll be the belle of the ball this festive season. And not because you’re shaped like one.
Here is my guide to dressing your bump for the holidays.Source

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