Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Miss World 2014: Without the blatant sexism, it's pretty dull

Miss World held its 64th final in London with 121 women battling to win the crown. Radhika Sanghani went down to watch and found it wasn't the sexist show she'd been expecting

Hundreds of women in floor-length gowns and Louboutin heels stood outside London’s ExCel centre for the Miss World 2014 final. The unofficial dress code consisted of hair blow-dried into perfect Kate Middleton-style waves, gowns covered in rhinestones and bridal make-up – and this was just the audience.
Standing amongst them in my winter-appropriate clothing, I knew that watching the final was going to go one of two ways: I’d either feel incredibly uncomfortable watching a line of judges grade women on their looks, or I’d be so swept up in the glamour of it all that I’d come away wishing I was a beauty queen myself.
As a feminist, I was pretty sure I’d end up feeling the former. Only, I didn't.
After sitting through several hours of the contest, I was not disgusted by the sexism, but I also wasn’t excited by the pomp and pageantry either - I was just seriously bored.
I’d expected the beauty pageant from Miss Congeniality and Drop Dead Gorgeous – a glitzy affair with talent rounds and contestants showing off their bodies by twirling around on stage in bikinis. But that just wasn’t the case.Source

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